Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Muse: Undisclosed Desires

Premiering their “Undisclosed Desires” video on MySpace suggests another bid for the American acceptance that has eluded British alt-prog heroes Muse so long. Creating a weird techno-robot studio sequence like some 1984 dystopia suggests they’ll need to keep searching for that a game-changing crossover.

Still, credit this experimental trio with turning the standard in-studio routine on its head for their second single off The Resistance. Spinning guitar wheels, flashing LED lights and a singer who plugs into a wall aptly distract the viewer from the usual tedium of a band standing around. An unsettling series of words from the lyrics flash on TVs surrounding the band. “Pure.” “Violence.” “Exorcise.”

Matt Bellamy rocks the keytar, Christopher Wolsteholme slaps his bass into next month and Dominic Howard thumps out a Timbaland-esq beat on a jet-black drum kit, but it’s one solitary dancer who steals the show. The fact that her outfit consists solely of electrical cables helps.

Muse released little information on the video, leaving who directed it or where it was filmed unknown. However, a behind-the-scenes photo the band tweeted on October 20th suggests this was filmed several weeks ago. Twitter time travel may be afoot though, since this video looks straight out of the future. “Undisclosed Desires,” aka. 3001: A Muse Odyssey. (via MySpace)

Verdict: 4/5 stars

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