Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Bowling For Soup: No Hablo Ingles

With Captain OxiClean Billy Mays having left us for that 30-minute TV spot in the sky, there’s a hole in the infomercial world. In their new music video though, Bowling for Soup try to corner that market by pitching not a product, but an excuse: “No Hablo Ingles.”

“Are you ready to take control of your life?” lead singer and “Master Motivator” Jaret Reddick shouts to the studio audience. “I have developed a bulletproof system that will help you get out of any difficult situation you may find yourself in. If life gives you stress…”

“¡No Hablo Ingles!” the crowd responds, mustering all the enthusiasm of folks paid $50 to be music video extras for the day.

With any other band this could be seen as some commentary on non-English speaking immigrants, but Bowling for Soup aren’t that profound. I mean, their previous video promoting Sorry for Partyin’ featured the quartet caressing a woman dressed as a giant penis (song title: "My Wena"). This seems downright tasteful by comparison.

A little girl gets mad when you steal her ice cream? No Hablo Ingles. Your friend busts you peeing into his pool? No Hablo Ingles. Your wife walks in on you in bed handcuffed to a man? You get the idea.

The video was directed by Sum 41 drummer Steve Jocz. Though the concept eventually wears out its welcome, perhaps that’s a sign this infomercial parody is dead on. After all, they’re throwing in a handheld mirror at no extra charge. Act now!

Verdict: 3/5 stars

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